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3 Level Layout Control for Multiple Devices – Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

elementsettingsAwesome Slider gives the freedom to apply different appearance / disappearance effect for three different devices.

For example you may want to show a 3D effect in Desktops with higher resolution
and simple transitions effects like ‘Fade’ or ‘Slide’ in Tablets and Mobiles.
It’s easily doable using Awesome Slider.

It supports almost all popular browsers i,e IE8+, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

IE8 & IE9 does not support some 3D effects, in this case ‘Fade’ effect is
automatically applied.

You can define different element properties for different devices. Also you can hide a particular element in a particular device. For example you want to show video in Desktop and Tablet, hide in Mobiles. You can do it. This is applicable for all elements.

The slider is built with Drag and Resize events. The powerful backend and creative layer management minimizes the use of Keyboard ;)

Awesome Slider comes with inbuilt CSS editor. The parallax effect options makes the slider really awesome.