Introducing Awesome Slider – It’s Just Awesome…


Awesome Slider comes with 3 level device control where different settings can be applied for different devices. Disable element or change element property on a particular device. So the slider is properly visible and readable in all devices.

dragnresizeDrag & Drop and Resizable – Each element is draggable and resizable with aspect ratio for easy placement.
Which gives the freedom to instantly see what you are doing, and no knowledge of codes is required, and furthermore you are not bound down by any redesigned templates – complete freedom in a visual-based environment.


layermanagerPowerful Layer Manager – You do not need calculator to calculate appearance time and easing time. Awesome Slider gives an option to manage the animation timings through an interface. So it can be managed in a visual environment too.

Inbuilt CSS Editor – Awesome slider is built with CSS editor with autocomplete option. Which gives the freedom to write css code in the browser like an advanced CSS editor.